Flower Treatment Is Not Aroma Therapy


'Flower therapy is not Aroma therapy', states Dr. Atul Shah, founder of The Healin' Temple, thus clearing the mistaken belief of the 2 being confused with each other. Dr. Shah, an M.D. in Allopathy and a Radiologist from Bombay University is also a Flower treatment expert doctor at The Healin' Temple, situated in Khar, Mumbai (India). Find more information on crocus from www.bulbsandbeyond.com .


Then, what exactly is Flower Therapy?


Imbalances like worry, shock, and uncertainty and so on can cause physical diseases in human beings. Particular flowers have the power to cure these characteristic and heal our body. Flower therapy utilizes the energy of these flowers to our benefit.


Flower treatment is essentially a Bio-energy remedy originally found by Dr. Bach of England. His technique (referred to as Bach flower treatment) was to pluck the flowers and position them in a bowl of water. This would be exposed to sunlight for a few hours and after that the flowers would be eliminated from the water without being squashed. This water, called the mom essence would be more diluted into the stock essence and prepared to be utilized as a solution for numerous conditions. Since the flowers were not crushed, only the energy of the flowers (not the chemical drug) was transferred into the water.


Dr. Bach had actually then discovered 38 flowers appropriate for treating numerous conditions but now there are around 200 India flower applications itself.


Aromatherapy, also a kind of alternative medicine utilizes vital oils stemmed from flowers, plants, bark and so on to deal with medical conditions.


Extraction of fragrance oils is usually done by steam distillation, solvent extraction and cold pressing approaches. Scent oils work well in cases of anxiety, stress and anxiety, depression, recovery of injuries etc. Some examples of necessary oils are tea tree, lemon turf, chamomile, lavender and so on.


Does the procedure followed to prepare Flower treatment medication harm nature in any manner?


There is a misconception that Flower treatment would be causing an environmental imbalance as the flowers are cut off from the branch to prepare medicine. In today's age specialists like Dr. Shah do not separate the flowers from the stem. Instead, they use a special device through which spring water is put above the flower and is gathered in the base of the apparatus. Thus the energy of the flower is moved into the base drug (water) without plucking or damaging plant life, making it an eco-friendly procedure.


Likewise, since the flower is attached to the plant, living energy is transferred; as a result the medicine heals faster and are more effective on the patient.


What are the benefits of following Flower therapy?


The benefits of treating with Flower therapy are that it has a holistic approach and does not heal a certain, single issue of the patient.


It is complementary to other treatment like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Acupuncture etc. Flower therapy, however considered as an alternative from of medication, can likewise be solely followed by itself for different conditions without indulging into allopathic medication at all.


This is a relatively safe solution, with no known adverse effects. Indian flower solutions typically work well for illness like arthritis, headaches, backaches, sinusitis, migraines, digestive disturbances, hormonal imbalances and so on, to name a few.


Surprisingly, it can even cure dependencies like drinking and smoking as it deals with a psychological level to suppress such yearnings.


Likewise, if alternative medicines like Ayurvedic treatments (which claim to be safe) are not prepared authentically, by the original methods, they are most likely to trigger heavy metal toxicity which can cause health problems like kidney failure and heart problem.